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We all carry an internal need to be loved, valued, and appreciated. Sometimes we spend a lifetime trying to find something such as a job, career, car, or someone to fill that need. When the thing we turned to stops filling, the new wears off, or fails to meet our expectations of what that should look like we “swipe” to the next momentary thing. Yes “momentary” because it is only fulfilling for a brief moment. We have to STOP SWIPING!

Our only completion comes through a relationship with Jesus Christ. His unconditional, grace filled, mercy covering love will fill our life and every empty place inside of us. Choose Him first. 

When His love fills you it brings a completion, a fulfillment, and a value that you have never experienced before. It’s not a one time thing or fix it’s an everyday walk, talk and stumble. However the new never rubs off with Him. His mercy is new everyday! After we have opened our heart to Him first, He will then guide our lives to the right relationships, jobs, etc. We will never be complete until we seek Him first and everything else second as He guides. 

Does that mean that what He brings into our lives will always look the way want it too? No! Does that mean that there will never be challenging moments? No! Does that mean we will never fall and stumble? No! 

However, what that does mean is we will no longer have to wonder lost in the maze of life seeking treasures for the moment. He will guide our way through His Holy Spirit. And walk beside us as we make true commitments.

There is that word, “commitment”. It is the key that unlocks the door to true fulfillment and allows us to leave behind momentary empty things. In today’s society commitment is often a scarce word. We would rather continue to swipe hoping that one of those swipes will lead to the ultimate fulfillment. The thing is you will eventually run out of swipes and find yourself alone, unfulfilled, and with regrets that you didn’t choose to commit to the thing you moved past 7 swipes back. 

Commitment means that you recognize the thing that God has directed into your life as part of His plan. You allow your life to embrace it. You commit to the journey of what ever the road may bring. You celebrate the great moments, you power through the tough moments, you learn from the falls and you stand stronger and grow more powerful and continue to walk in God’s fulfillment for your life.

What I am sharing comes from a real place of life experience. No I haven’t gotten these steps in order at times and yes it lead to heart break, changes in jobs, and a lonely place of regrets that I should have done things differently swipes back. At times the human nature side of me has gotten caught up in the emotions of momentary things, lost so much time trying to keep those things in my life, and forgot altogether to seek Him first and then allow His Holy Spirit to direct me through to the right life purpose elements. I have even tried to make things happen in my time instead of waiting patiently on His time. And have even settled for things that looked like Him but was never His desires for my life.

I am thankful that in those moments when the crushing blow of reality sets in God allows me to recognize what happened. I am able to stop, approach Him with a humbled, repentive heart and His grace and mercy covers me and I start again. His mercy endures forever!

“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever” – 1 Chronicles 16:34

He has an overwhelming, unconditional love for you! And NOTHING can separate you from that love. When we stop swiping to the next best thing and realize He is the Best thing, and He has incredible blessings, purposes, relationships for our life… that’s when we begin our walk in a fulfilling life. Every day is not always filled with sunshine but every day is filled with Grace. Take a second and begin again. You don’t need a fancy prayer to grab God’s ear. He is always listening and ready to respond.

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” – James 1:17

Written by DAN NIXON