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I am concerned that as a society we have strayed away from mutual respect of one another.” – Dan Nixon

The idea of thinking of others before ourselves seems like a fading concept. We have become as so self-focused and perhaps by doing so have created a box around ourselves. We forget there are others on the other side of the box that the shadow of our walls may be affecting and perhaps hurting.

 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31

The Golden Rule encourages us to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Pause for a second and think about that concept. Do we really want others to begin to treat us the way we are treating them today… or the way, in some situations, we have been treated?

You are thinking, “Dan what do you mean?” Sure, it works if the way you are treating and being treated by others is good. But what happens when it’s not? It’s really a choice in kindness. Even when we are not treated with kindness or fairness how do we respond? Though difficult at times we must choose to be the bigger person and lead by example. If someone treats you unfairly often our reaction is to do the same to them. But we must take a moment and choose a bigger path of response. Then in return treat them the way you would want to be treated not the way they just treated you. Yes, I know our human nature side it to teach them a lesson by giving it back to them the same way.

From a heart side we must stop the cycle and create a better society by responding with kindness rather than anger, love rather than hate. Are you reacting or responding? There are two very different approaches to circumstances.

Here is a comical instance:

You are on a trip traveling in your four-door truck and pulling a camper. It is completely loaded with all that your trip needs including the entire family of eight people. While on the trip your mother-in-law says, “Let’s stop at (insert name of a popular coffee shop)!” Of course, being a responsible driver, you pull in and look for a place to park so that everyone can go in. Then someone says. “I don’t want to go in! Just go through the drive through.”  

It is a busy day for the very popular coffee shop but, you also know that if you don’t listen to those who are giving orders it will not be a pleasant trip. You get in line to go through the drive through. Of course, the truck itself takes up the space of two cars, then the camper another two. Four spaces are taken pushing the line behind you into the street to block through traffic. You finally get to the screen to order. Now you have each person tell you their order so that you can repeat it to the host. Chances are they didn’t hear you the first time so you have to repeat it again. This takes time. Some of your passengers know what they want while others are unsure. Eight drinks are ordered and an extra one for your spouse for later as they will need it having chased the kids all day.

Then everyone also orders food. But some of the food is out of stock which leads to hard indecisive decisions. This goes on for a long time needless to say there are at least eighteen cars behind you and an entire lane of traffic backed up in the street because they can’t get through. Finally, the order is complete. And the host says to pull forward.

After waiting on the other cars to receive their order you pull forward to the window. Because of the massive order it takes a while for the host to prepare everything and pass it through the window to you. Once all is handed and paid for you then pull forward however you need to distribute the food. You brake passing out the food and getting everyone settled forgetting your camper is still blocking the other cars from being able to pull forward. Everything is distributed and you drive away running over the curb as you do.

Now what were the easier options? Perhaps a mobile order and two people go inside to pick it up while the vehicle and camper is parked? At any moment were there any thoughts or considerations of the other people behind you in line? While this is a humorous example, it is a reality of what our society has become. How would you react if you were in line behind this camper?

Kindness, respect for others… these attributes of love go a long way.

Before you react – pause, reflect, and respond. A response travels much deeper than a reaction. There are times when the response may be to let it go and walk away. Not to allow it to disrupt your day and steal your peace.

 “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Luke 6:31

Think about the choices you are making. How do they affect those around you? Make decisions that transcend kindness and respect.

Dan Nixon,